Enemy of the [Surveillance] State

03 - Browsing the Web Securely and Privately

March 1, 2020


This week, I discuss how to browse the Web securely and privately, as well as which browsers and extensions I recommend and those I recommend you avoid like the plague.

Windows 10— including IE/Edge — is spyware designed to harvest your data.

So now are Windows 7 and 8.

Apple Keeps Deleted Safari History — even in "Private Browsing" mode.

I recommend the Brave Browser. Here is the story behind it. 

In this week's episode, I made a reference to The Cathedral and the Bazaar.

Browser add-ons / plug-ins / extensions I recommend:

HTTPS Everywhere

Privacy Badger


For even more private browsing:

Tor Browser

The best private operating system (used by Ed Snowden to communicate with journalists)


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